Discharge Valve KSFx1/SV


This combination of the KSF Filtration System and the discharge valve KV is based on Gneuss’ proven Rotary Disk Technology. In this case, two disks are sandwiched between the inlet and the outlet blocks.

The first disk (in extrusion direction) functions as a discharge valve, the second disk contains the breaker plates with filter elements. Both disks can be operated independently of one another so that (for example during start up or when processing problems are encountered) the product can be discharged.

The filtration function is basically identical to that of the KSF. Screen changes are carried out without disturbing the production and of course without any pressure spikes, which could negatively effect the product quality.

A major advantage of this system is the rheologically streamlined melt channel with no dead areas or corners. The extruder screw can be extended into the inlet block to further reduce the volume of the material in the screen changer. The outlet block can be configured to match directly to the downstream components – for example an underwater pelletizer to ensure the minimum possible residence time of the material in the system.

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