2-Way valve KV


In the normal operating position, the polymer flows unhindered through a cylindrical melt channel. When the swivel plate between the inlet and outlet blocks is operated, the polymer flows back into the inlet block, where it can be diverted into another melt channel, for example for a different production process. Through adjustable stops, the polymer flow can be diverted to two different discharge positions.

Whilst the valve is switching positions, the process can continue normally. As the swivel plate is completely enclosed within the inlet and outlet blocks, there is no contact between the polymer and oxygen or airborne moisture. This system is therefore suitable for sensitive polymers.

Thanks to the enclosed swivel plate and the hydraulic drive, the valve can still be operated easily and smoothly even if it has remained in one position for a long time (for example 4 weeks) – instant operation is ensured.

The metal on metal seal between the blocks and the swivel plate – without wearing sealing elements – is the same system which Gneuss perfected for the Rotary Filtration Systems and offers long term, maintenance-free operation.

The valve is currently available for melt channel diameters from 30 up to 200mm, the system is suitable for polymer melt pressures of up to 800 bar and processing temperatures up to 350 °C. Special versions for higher pressures and temperatures are available (options).

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