With the hydraulic screen changers HSprimus and HSSprimus sturdy screen changers are available, which represent major technical advances combined with operator friendliness and permanent availability. HSprimus and HSSprimus are also available as diverter valves.


The advantages of the HSSprimus-screen changer

  • Sturdy design
    The metallic sealing system is highly wear-resistant. It is, however, flexible and guaranteed leak-free even with low-viscosity melts up to 800bar.
  • Optimum rheological properties
    The rheology of the melt channel and the inner parts of the screen changer can be individually adjusted to the specific requirements. There are no edges, "dead spots" and no seals. These screen changers are therefore excellent for PVC.
  • Short residence time
    The residence time of the melt in the screen changer is < 1 minute, which ensures that material or color changes can take place quickly and without problems.
  • Simple handling during screen changes
    A screen change can be made at any time (even while the production is running).
  • Optimum performance also with high temperatures
    The standard screen changer is suitable for temperatures of up to 280°C. High temperature designs are available as an option.
  • Maximum screen surface area
    The increased screen surface area of the HSSprimus leads to great technological and economic advantages without rheological compromises – especially for twin screw extruders, but also for single screw extruders.
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