The SFXmagnus operates fully-automatically as well as process- and pressure-constant. It is suitable for almost every application. It is characterized by an extra large active screen surface area, its compact design as well as extremely easy operation. Screen changes do not have any influence on the product quality. Short flow channels, which are free of dead areas, guarantee a very short melt dwell time.


The advantages of the SFXmagnus Filtration System

  • Pneumatic drive
    Simple and maintenance-free.
  • High economic efficiency
    The extra large active screen surface area in relation to the screen changer size allows a unique economic efficiency of the SFXmagnus. The return on investment is realized within a very short period of time.
  • Consistency of melt pressure, temperature, viscosity and throughput
    By assuring a consistent active screen area, the pressure can be kept nearly constant during the whole production process. Melt temperature, viscosity and throughput are also free of variations at any time. Constant quality of the final product is guaranteed even during screen changes.
  • Melt purity and quality are always guaranteed
    Thanks to the optimized melt channel flow path and completely airtight encapsulated design, the requirements with regard to the purity and quality of the melt can be achieved and permamently maintained.
  • Minimized Melt Residence Time
    The optimized rheological design of the melt channel flowpath ensures a minimized residence time (< 1 minute) thus ensuring for example fast material or color changes.
  • User-friendly screen changes
    The control system informs the operator in advance of an upcoming screen change. The screens can be changed quickly and easily and without any influence on the process or pressure consistency.
  • Small size and easy installation
    The remarkably compact size of the SFXmagnus allows an easy and inexpensive integration even within limited space. Thanks to the compact design and the high quality insulation, the energy consumption is extremely low.


Mode of operation

When a pressure increase upstream of the filter is registered, the filter disk is indexed automatically by means of a pneumatic or hydraulic drive. This guarantees that the active screen area is always kept constant and that the pressure upstream of the filter increases only slightly during the whole production process. After the cavities have passed through the melt flow, the screens can be removed without disturbing the production process.



The filter disk – on which the screen cavities are located in a ring pattern – is completely encapsulated by the two filter blocks. Screens can be inserted into the cavities by opening a small hatch door giving access to the cavities. The production process is not disturbed by the screen change procedure. Thanks to the modular design of this filtration system, it is possible to replace the few wearing parts (such as heater elements and bearing bushings) during operation. Continuous production over many years is thus made possible.

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