Measurement technology


The assurance of product quality and reliability is of increasing importance in the plastics extrusion industry. Superior performance is now defined by precise accuracy, extended life, and robust design for challenging environments.

Gneuss Measurement Technology products for polymer processing industries meet the highest requirements. Top quality raw materials, constant and stringent quality control and advanced manufacturing methods mean that our transducers are among the best products on the market.
We take pride in innovation and our philosophy is to exceed our customer’s requirements for advanced, economical, and environmentally friendly technology. The standard Gneuss transducers are compatible – and therefore interchangeable – with standard types. Gneuss offers a "made to measure" service for custom made sensors for many applications with fast lead times.
Our products are also successfully used in the food industry, e.g. in cereal, dough and pet food production.

Our advantages
  • Long life
  • High quality
  • Quick delivery
  • Superior value
  • Mercury-free sensors available
  • Custom-built sensors
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Repair program

Melt Pressure Transducers

The Gneuss Melt Pressure Transducers operate using the proven strain gauge technology. In addition to the rigid shaft design, transducers are also available with a flexible capillary, with a choice of mercury or mercury - free media. Available with thread size 1/2"20UNF or M18 x 1,5 mm and with 6 or 8 pin connector plug. Accuracy: ≤ 0,5 % of max. scale range.

DA series The DA Series melt pressure transducers are characterized by their high quality of workmanship and outstanding performance and are used in the plastic manufacturing and processing industries throughout the world. Their absolute reproducibility and stable measuring values contribute to our measurement accuracies.
DAI series The DAI Series offers – in addition to maximum reliability – improved user friendliness in the form of an Auto-Zero Function for local or remote configuration. These models offer mA and mV output signals for further processing. The popular and most commonly used 2-wire and 4-20mA configuration provide unequalled interference in critical environments.
DTA series The DTA melt pressure sensor series combines the standard DA and temperature measurement into one unit. The DTA impresses through its ruggedness and reliability as well as its exceptional cost efficiency. The DTA allows for direct measurement of pressure and temperature at one measuring point of the process.
DTAI series The DTAI offers the comfort of the DAI series combining temperature measurement into one unit. The Auto-Zero function allows a calibrating of the instrument to be performed either locally or remotely / via a controller. The melt pressure transmitter provides an AM or Voltage signal for further processing.
DAP series The DAP Series incorporate a heated sensor tip, which limits the potential for sensor damage relating to the membrane, resulting from installation or removal of the pressure transmitter. The Gneuss patented heated sensor tip allows the sensor to be easily removed from a “frozen” melt without any problems.
DAIP series The DAIP Series offers the comfort of the DAI series in conjunction with a heated sensor tip. Thus eliminating the most common reason for sensor faults: the damaging of the membrane on installation or removal of the sensor. The patented heated sensor tip allows the sensor to be removed from the frozen melt without any difficulty.
DAIX With the DAIX Series, Gneuss now has an explosion proof pressure transducer are available. This melt pressure transducer is intrinsically safe. The uncompromising development of the DAIX provides an excellent choice for Ex-areas, complimenting years of tried and tested Gneuss products.


Melt Temperature Sensors

Thanks to their ceramically - insulated measuring tip, the Gneuss Melt Temperature Sensors are particulary suitable for plastic extrusion applications where a high precision measurement is required. The measuring tip is available in lengths of from 0 (flush) to 25 mm in 5 mm steps. The standard design is suitable for up to 390°C, special designs for up to 500°C are available.

TF-CX - Temperature Sensor with ceramic isolation The temperature sensors of the TF Series are ideal for exact temperature measurements in highly sensitive medias. The ceramic isolation guarantees a direct reading of the melt temperature independent of the flange or tool location.
TF-MX - Temperature Sensor, All-Metal Design The TF-MX Series was developed in order to measure melt temperatures quickly and easily for all types of plastics. The temperature sensors are economical and versatile and impress with their robustness and reliability.


Safety system »

To meet the latest demands on protection against overpressure in accordance with the European Standard prEN 1114-1:2008, the Gneuss measurement technology programme has been extended by the new safety device type EPM. Thanks to this compact system, highest safety requirements on the extruder in the field of protection against overpressure are fulfilled in every respect.


Digital display units »

The microprocessor - based Pressure Measurement Amplifiers are available for 19" rack installation. These characterised not only by their user - friendly design but also by their their robustness and durability.


Accessories »

The insert bushes are manufactured from heat - treated tool steel (42CrMo4) and simplify the fitting of melt pressure or melt temperature sensors. The bore cleaning tool is used to clear the sensor drillings. With the Melt Pressure Transducer Tester, the function of the pressure transducers can be checked and simulated.


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