WATLOW heaters

Cartridge / Insertion heaters
Watlow’s cartridge heaters and insertion heaters can be inserted into holes, used as immersion heaters placed directly in liquid or in protective wells, or can be mounted in pipes or vessels.
Tubular heaters
Tubular heaters are used for immersion and air heating applications. They can be clamped to objects such as vessels and tanks, fitted into milled groove platens, immersed directly into a liquid being heated or even mounted in ducts for heating air and gas. Heaters are available as single- and double-ended, and can be formed to complex geometries.
Flexible heaters
Flexible heaters are commonly used to heat irregular surfaces, shapes and pipes. These heaters can be bonded or fastened to parts and are often used for freeze protection.
Immersion heaters
These heaters can be immersed directly in the liquid being heated or put in protective wells. Multiple style mounting adaptors are available.
Circulation heaters
Watlow’s diverse array of circulation heaters range from quartz heaters for aggressive chemicals to large pressure vessel heaters with capabilities up to 3000psi. These heaters can be used for liquids or gases in various applications.
Fluid delivery heating elements
Watlow fluid delivery heaters provide overall reliable, responsive heating for fluid delivery systems in medical, analytical, water purification and general process applications. Watlow fluid delivery heaters offer precise, repeatable heating, control improving product life.
Air heaters
Watlow’s air heaters can be used to prevent freezing and condensation in electrical and mechanical housing or can be placed in ducts for forced air heating.
High temperature heaters
These high-temperature heaters are used for extreme high temperature applications. The heaters fit applications such as the construction of furnaces and chambers.
Speciality heaters
These specialty heaters are commonly used for high temperature applications or in cases where high watt densities are required. These versatile heating elements can be formed or machined to fit precise heating applications.
Strip / Clamp heaters
Bolted or clamped to flat surfaces these heaters can provide freeze or moisture protection. These heaters can be attached to tank or vessel walls for warming.
Band / Barrel heaters
These heaters can be clamped to most any cylindrical surfaces. The materials used in the construction of these heaters allows them to be used at temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) or used at low temperatures for freeze protection.
Nozzle heaters
These heaters are formed to fit cylindrical parts. Applications for these heaters range from industrial processes to medical applications.
Radiant heaters
Used in non-contact applications where conduction or convection heating is not practical.


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