Keramserviss is the official dealer of Watlow products in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.



Semiconductor processing

Watlow is the full-service resource for help in optimizing the thermal performance of process tools. We work with your engineers to deliver state-of-the-art thermal solutions that improve yield, throughput and cost of ownership. This includes innovative heaters, controllers and sensors for use in front-end and back-end applications such as CVD, PECVD, Etch, Diffusion, Bonding, IC test and more.

Watlow's solutions are based on an understanding of the Semiconductor Technology Roadmap. Watlow meets the thermal challenges and ongoing demands of the industry. We continue to invest in R&D, global manufacturing and sourcing and introductions of new thermal technologies and solutions.


Energy processes

Serving the Energy Process Industries for More than 20 Years

For more than 60 years, Watlow has been a preferred and trusted partner in designing electric process heaters; thermocouples; temperature, process and power controllers, and complete thermal systems. Watlow supports process industry end users, process original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators. Our expert technical support team serves engineering and procurement construction (EPC) firms by providing excellent service and agency-approved products.

Expertise and leadership enables us to define and produce solutions for your demanding applications. We supply engineering design and support services and products for many applications including catalytic cracking and regeneration, gas dehydration, gas sweetening and others requiring technical thermal expertise and application design knowledge.



Watlow has been heating up the foodservice equipment industry for decades. As the leader in thermal system design, we have supplied solutions for griddles, ovens, dishwashers, fryers and warming units in restaurant equipment all over the world. Watlow offers the broadest array of cooking computers, heaters, temperature sensors and software for your foodservice equipment.

When you turn to Watlow for your foodservice needs, you are backed by over 80 years of heating expertise and technical knowledge, which translates into energy efficient cooking, lower maintenance, easy operation, consistent, reliable food quality and innovative offerings to your customers. Watlow provides thermal solutions for the following applications:


Life Science

Expertise in thermal solutions for medical devices and analytical instruments has been a Watlow hallmark for decades. As an extension of your business, Watlow provides an engineering team dedicated to solving your application requirements. As your life science partner, Watlow offers worldwide manufacturing and distribution, as well as superior application support.

Scientific discoveries and new technologies play an instrumental role in how the industry has changed and is changing for you and your instrumentation requirements. Watlow understands the technology changes and is designing and manufacturing thermal solutions with industry requirements in mind. Because Watlow designs and manufactures a wide range of thermal solutions specifically for this industry, our expertise is always growing. By partnering with Watlow, you can take advantage of a broad selection of thermal components designed to work together for optimal efficiency.

Watlow's Global Thermal Component Leadership

Watlow is the world's largest electric heater, sensor and temperature controller manufacturer with 12 manufacturing facilities and over 40 technical support centers in Asia, Europe and North America. As a global company, Watlow supports international design guidelines and agency approvals. Watlow manufactures thermal solutions that meet agency approvals including, RoHS, W.E.E.E, CE and UL®. We have hundreds of factory-trained sales engineers and distributors located throughout the world. Our sales engineers are available to complement your team at any stage of your project from concept through prototyping and in production.



Selecting the right auxiliary equipment can assist the plastics processor's goal of higher productivity and greater yields. It is more than just the cost of heaters, sensors or controllers; it's performance that counts.

With Watlow's thermal components processors can count on less downtime due to increased heater reliability; and a reduction in operating costs due to energy conservation - both of which help achieve greater output. Watlow has provided plastic processors with product innovations for injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion operations, for more than 50 years.

Quality, innovation and reliability are the hallmarks of our family of heaters, sensors and controllers. Watlow provides not only traditional thermal solutions, but also innovative, high-performance technologies to meet the specific processing demands of industries such as automotive, medical and packaging, requiring highly-engineered resins and tight tolerances.

Whether OEM, custom or captive processor, Watlow has your thermal solution with our traditional products, new technologies, engineering services and global manufacturing capabilities.



With today's tight economy and demanding marketplace, companies are turning to Watlow and its experienced engineers for comprehensive thermal loop solutions. Watlow's unique product mix helps companies maximize their packaging machinery's efficiency and optimize their time.

For over 80 years, Watlow has provided a broad and unmatched range of quality electric heaters, sensors and temperature controllers. Watlow brings extensive experience helping packaging machinery OEMs with solutions for applications such as heated seal bars, seal dies, shrink tunnels, heated hole punches and adhesive heating and dispensing.

Watlow is also a technology leader with the highest level of thermal application and design services, including temperature profiling and finite element analysis. Our dedicated engineers are helping customers rise above the competition by optimizing their machinery's efficiency, expanding production capacity, and reducing labor and overall maintenance costs.

Watlow's worldwide sales office network allows us to solve our customers' most difficult problems, no matter where they are located.

Watlow can help engineers complete thermal solutions for the following packaging-related applications.

Seal Bars

Watlow offers a broad range of heaters from traditional to the thermally optimized thick film that deliver fast start up times and temperature uniformity.

  • Form, fill and seal machines
  • Bag and pouch making machines
  • Fill and seal machines
  • Heat sealing machines
  • Skin blister packaging machines

Seal Dies

Watlow's family of quality seal die heaters offers final secure seals for product safety and consistency.

  • Cup and tray sealing machines
  • Form, fill and seal machines
  • Closing machines- foil sealing

Adhesive Heating & Dispensing

For consistent temperatures and rapid start-ups, turn to Watlow's selection of heaters for adhesive heating and dispensing applications.

  • Hot glue melt equipment
  • Cartoning machines
  • Closing machines
  • Labeling machines

Shrink Tunnels & Ovens

Watlow's variety of heaters helps increase product quality.

  • Shrink film and heat sealing equipment
  • Shrink labeling machines
  • Tamper evident seals and bands

Hot Air Sealing & Drying

Watlow's range of heaters provide quality and consistency ideal for hot air sealing and drying applications.

  • Labeling machines
  • Wrapping machines

Heated Hole Punches

For product consistency, turn to Watlow's selection of heaters.

  • Heated hole punch equipment
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