Baltic refactory solution department deals with heat insulating material merchandise, finding engineertechnical solutions for heat suply, chimney manufacturers as well as fireplace builders and specialists in other industries that are related to usage of high-temperature materials.

We are the official Morgan ThermalCeramics representative in the Blatics.



Only two months left till winter!

It's time to repair boiler houses and heating systems


Another heating season has ended:
it's time for your planned and not so planned repair works!


We will help you:

  • find engineertechnical solutions,
  • find technical problems,
  • reduce your power consumption for heating boilers in result saving your finencial assets and prolonging the exploitation time of your equipment.




We offer a variety of refractory materials, temperature measuring and control devices:

  1. High temperature ceramic fiber insulation materials up to 1430°C (cottons, cardboards, blocks, strings, etc.)
  2. Refractory insulation bricks, glues/mortars up to 1700°C
  3. Refractoryconcretes up to 1800°C
  4. Refractory steel and cemaric anchors and anchor systems
  5. Refractory concrete details (made on order) with thermal resistance up to 1800°C
  6. Temperature measuring devices (tempolars etc.)
  7. Temperature control devices (thermoregulators, controllers etc.)
  8. Gas analyzers.


We offer the following services:

  1. Engineertechnical solutions and thermal calculations
  2. Heating boiler repairs
  3. Heating boiler and device surface temperature measuring
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