Level sensors

celduc® relais offers a large range of standart or specific level and flow sensors using Reed switches. Our sensors are available in plastic, brass or stainless steel housing, making it possible to use them with various chemical substances and/or operating temperatures.

With some sensors, it is possible to function by reversing the float or using sensor upside down.

Please see the data sheets for more details

For specific applications (e.g. potentiometric scale, special level sensors) do not hesitate to contact us: products can be developed on request.

Product reference PTF01060 PTFA1015 PTFA1103(1) PTFA1104(1) PTFA1210 PTFA2115(1)(2)
Mounting Vertically


High and low level


High level


Low level


High and low level


High and low level

Contact status (float down) 1NO 1NO 1NC 1NO 1NO+NC 1NO
Connection type 2 wires 600mm 2 wires 1,5m 2 wires 300mm 2 wires 300mm Calbe (3 wires) 300mm 2 wires 1,5mm
Material Housing Polyamide 6/6 resin with glass fiber content Polyamide 6/6 resin with glass fiber content Poypropylene Polypropylene Polyamide Stainless steel
Float Polypropylene Polypropylene Polyurethane
Liquid compatability Water Water
Float travel 10mm 17mm 9mm 9mm 48,5mm 8mm
Max. switching power 10VA 10VA 50VA 50VA

Top: 10VA

Bottom: 3VA

Max. switching vlotage 100Vdc 100Vdc 300Vac/dc 300Vac/dc

Top: 200Vdc

Bottom: 100Vdc

Max. switching current 0,5A 0,5A 0,5A 0,5A

Top: 0,5A

Bottom: 0,25A

Density mini 0,8 0,75 0,7 0,7 0,6 0,75
Working temperature 0 / 70°C 0 / 70°c -10 / 80°C -10 / 80°C -10 / 85°C 0 / 100°C
Thread M8 x 1,25 3/8'' threading UNC 1,588mm (16 per inch) 1/8'' GAS (28 per inch) 1/8'' GAS (28 per inch) 3/8'' threading UNC 1,588mm (16 per inch) M10 x 1

(1) Possible to invert the functions by reversing the float
(2) Availbale in ATEX version


Liquids compatability

  • → Compatible with acid: acetic, citric, formic, lactic, nitric diluted, phosphoric, suplhidic diluted; soda; alcohols: ethanol, methanol, propanol; glycol; mineral oil; water
  • → Not compatible with the following solvents: chloroforme, methylene chloride, trichoroethylene, toluene; hard acids.
  • → Compatible with fuels, engine oil, kerosene, lubricant oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil
  • → Not compatible with almost all acids, methylene chloride
  • → Acceotable resistance to water
  • → Compatible with almos all the liquids except hard acids.


  • — One moving part
  • — The Reed contact is actuated by a magnetic field only: no contact so no wear
  • — The Reed contact is completely isolated from the liquid so perfectly waterproof

The above advantages allow a safety use, repetitiveness, precision and minimum maintenance.


Screw position sensors

General use screw sensors for industry and household use:

  • — Rabbet sensors
  • — Doors opening
  • — Protection cover presence
  • — Household appliances
Product reference PAA10060 PAA11202 PAB10020 PAC10010 PLA10100 PLA10160 PLA11208 PLA12430



Contact staus NO NO NC Change-over NO NO NO NO NO
Connection type 2 wires / FASTON 2 wires 2 wires + HE14 connector 3 wires + HE14 connector 2 wires 2 wires  cable cable 2 wires
Cable length 680mm 275mm 160mm 70mm 10m 360mm 800mm 3m 220mm
Max. switching power 12VA 12VA 3VA



12VA 12VA 12VA 12VA 12VA
Max. switching voltage 100VDC 100VDC 100VDC 250VDC 250VDC 200VDC
Max. switching current 0,4A 0,25A 0,5A 0,4A 0,4A 0,4A 0,5A
Activation distance 16mm with P6250000 15mm with P6250000 18mm with P6250000 12mm with U4200000 10mm with P6250000 19mm with P6250000 16mm with P6250000 12mm with P62500 15mm with P4060200
Working temperature -40 to +85°C -40 to +100°C -40 to +85°C -40 to +100°C -40 to +100°C -40 to +100°C -40 to +85°C
Dimensions (mm) 23x14x6 32x15x6,8 28,57x19x6,34
Fixing screws distance 14mm 17,5mm 15,88mm


Product reference PLA13701 PLA13715 PLA137250 PLA13750 PLA13780 PLB10060 PLB16701 PLC10040 PLC13701 PLC13780
Contact status NO NO NO NO NO NC Change-over
Connection type cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable 3 wires cable
Cable length 100mm 1,5m 2,5m 5m 8m 3m 100mm 1,5m 100mm 8m
Max. switching power 12VA NC: 3VA NO: 8VA
Max. switching voltage 250VDC 100VDC
Max. switching current 0,4A 0,25A
Activation distance 10mm with P6250000 10mm with P6250000 10mm with P6250000 10mm with P6250000 10mm with P6250000 4mm (magnet provided) 4mm (magnet provided) 14mm with P625000 10mm with P6250000 10mm with P6250000
Working temperature -40 to +100°C
Dimensions (mm) 32x15x6,8
Fixing screws distance 17,5mm


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